Tony Dong
Tony Dong | as human

as developer

As developer, Tony has built websites, ecommerce stores, android apps and html5 games.



As Director of Instructional Design and Product Owner, Tony is responsible for the design, development roadmap and contributes to the frontend development of the platform.

Along with the CortexLMS landing page, Tony has also created the training materials, videos, and elearnings on the site, and is the frontend developer for the student views (HTML, CSS, Javascript).

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Mindful Forest - Android App

Mindful Forest - Android App

Free Meditation App on Google Play Store

You can use it to:
-Track habits - complete tasks to earn coins used to purchase seeds that you can use to grow your own forest.
-Practice mindfulness with the meditation timer
-Reflect and journal
-Meditating and journaling help plants to grow

Check it out!

Word Warrior| by Tony Dong

Enjoy this game for free!

Play on your browser at

Card - Word Warrior

Character animation by Tony Dong

Animated in (c) Anime Studio